8 Must Know Small Business Blogging Statistics

Small business blogging is a crucial resource to gain digital marketing or content benefits. Regular blogging for small business increases website visibility. Additionally, it provides information optimized for both users and search engines.

Business Blogging Statistics Overview

Small business blogging statistics all point to an overarching fact business owners should know in 2020. That is: business blogs are essential in the digital age. But how else does business blogging statistics enlighten us about publishing content on the Internet?

Well, there’s loads of business blogging statistics out there, but we’ve selected the 8 most interesting and useable for you to learn from. Here are blogging statistics that can help small business owners level up their content game.

8 Must Know Small Business Blogging Statistics in 2020

In the past, you may have considered starting a business blog and never followed through. Now, with all the talk about the importance of blogging as a marketing strategy, you’re reconsidering.

But how do you being a business blogging strategy? These 8 small business blogging statistics will be helpful in answering that question. Plus, they are intended to help you have a successful blog.

1. More than 409 million people view blog posts every month

According to WordPress, over 409 million people view blog posts every month. And they’re not just skimming a few lines of a post and leaving. WordPress includes that these readers view over 20 billion pages per month.

2. WordPress, Squarespace, and Tumblr Blogs Equals over 440 Million Total

WordPress, Squarespace, and Tumblr blogs have a combined total of over 440 million. And we hope your business website is amongst this number. But, not for WordPress.com, for your own self hosted WordPress.org site. While these are just three of the largest blog hosting services, there are many more blog platforms. So, the number of blogs worldwide could be much higher.

3. In the United States, 42.2% of people age 18 to 49 read blogs

This is one of the most interesting business blog statistics. Because there are teenagers and millennials reading blogs, your target audience is probably in the middle of the spectrum. Or perhaps, covers the entire demographic. Either way, having a professional small business blog you will no doubt reach your ideal customers.

4. More than 50% of marketers say blogging is part of their marketing strategy

Just take it from us, Envisager Studio Web Design and Marketing agency – inbound marketing using business blogging is vital. In fact, more than 50% of marketers say that business blogging is part of their marketing strategy.

5. B2B marketers who blog generate 67% more leads than marketers who don’t

These sites are successful in spawning leads from their business blog. And marketers who blog regularly generate 67% more leads than marketers who don’t. Hopefully, you’re getting the idea about business blogging and generating additional content for search engines to crawl.

6. Blogging regularly increases the website indexing rate by 434%

The process through which Google scans your pages for new and refreshed content is called “crawling”. The crawled pages are then “indexed” (organized and stored) for retrieval for search queries. Therefore, the more indexed pages your business site has, the more search results your site will appear in. So, given that businesses with blogs have 434% more indexed pages, you don’t want to miss out on blogging opportunities.

7. Businesses with blogs have 97% more inbound links that compared to those who don’t

Google carefully measures the number and quality of links leading back to a website. As a result, your website can appear higher in search results for related search terms. Consequently, this helps potential customers to find more pages pertaining to your business.

But you already have your appropriate products and services pages. So how does your business get additional links to rate well? By blogging, of course.

In fact, business blogging statistics indicates that websites with blogs have 97% more inbound links compared to sites without blogs.

8. Digital marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to achieve positive ROI

There is minimal overhead for blogging. Thus, the return on investment is commonly positive. This means that you’re making the most out of your small business marketing budget. Hence, digital marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more like to achieve a positive ROI.

If you’re draining your marketing budget with expensive paid campaigns, consider switching resources to business blogging efforts.

Wrapping It Up

So, there you have it, eight action-worthy business blogging statistics. Remember, you need to be active on your blog. It’s not enough to just have a small business blog and post content once every 6 months or so. Also, depending on your target customer, make sure your articles are written for that audience. For example: it would be in appropriate to write about teen dating when your target audience is home health care.

The point is, tailor your blog to what your customers want to read and see. If you don’t know what that is, we can help. Our blog content writers are experts at creating relevant and appropriate content for your business. Get in touch!

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