10 Classic Design Tips

Whether you’re creating graphics for print such as invitations or for the website, social media, etc. the application of graphic design is infinite and multipurpose. From white space, font selections, the components of design are multifaceted. Use these ten classic design tips to help you through the hills and valleys of the creative process.

1. Be Original and Creative

As an example, use different fonts that are not seen in everyday projects.

2. Good Font Family

Create visual informality by choosing a font family that offers a selection of variants.

3. Be Witty with Colors

Use different depths of the same color for consistency.

4. Friendly White Space

Don’t be afraid to leave breathing room around images, text boxes and other elements.

5. Look Before Leaping

Gather all the details of the project before you begin to create or write.

6. Stay Up-to-Date

Be in the know about what’s happening around you. It can influence your creativity.

7. Think Outside the Box

Don’t use fonts and icons that everyone else is using to represent your content.

8. Bright Graphics

Grab attention and create a little drama by using bright colors and graphics. Pay attention though to the accompanying elements. For example, using bright pink text on a bright green background will look less than desirable.

9. Add Contrast

Contrast is important to design. Add positive/negative space, black against white, etc.

10. Finishing Touch

Check alignment, text legibility, color blends, breathing room for elements, etc.

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