Thinking About Redesigning Your Logo? Read This First

Redesigning your logo or having one designed for the first time is hard. How many times have you seen a logo and think – “why?” And just wondered what were they thinking? There’s so much pressure to get it right because that one image needs to encompass everything that a brand is. So, if you’re considering redesigning your logo or a complete rebrand, read this first.

Basic Rules for Redesigning Your Logo

There are a few basic rules when it comes to redesigning your logo, but these rules apply to first time logos as well. Your logo should be memorable, distinctive, simple, and should reflect your brand. Don’t be enticed by trending design elements that may impel you to look into a redesign sooner than necessary. Your logo should be professional and timeless. Here are the four basic principles of great logo design:

1. Relevance

The best logo design focuses on a single attribute that is most relevant to your industry and audience. Does it signify innovation, agility, power or connectivity? The message should be relevant and understood by your audience. A children’s book store would likely choose a logo that is fun and colorful, while an accounting firm should consider a traditional logo with a confident color scheme. This may seem obvious to some, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s critical to your brand image.

Stay away from elements that personal elements that may be visually pleasing, but are not relevant to your business objectives.

2. Simplicity

The best business logo design is effective, simple and communicates an idea without trying to say too much at once. To avoid having your logo look busy or confusing, use clear type, bold lines and flat shapes.

Sometimes, good intension and eagerness leads business owners to desire an elaborate logo design in an effort to communicate as much meaning as possible. Not only is this not needed, in many cases it’s a distraction. Your logo shouldn’t look like game pieces or a riddle, it should be a pleasingly graceful and stylish icon to symbolize your company’s values and personality.

3. Artistry

Essentially, a great logo is like a work of art. Like all great art, it can immediately evoke feelings of anticipation, joy, calm or gratitude. It integrates font, graphic elements, color, and layout into a visual that can convey in a single glance the integrity and passion behind your business. It takes real artistic skills to organize these elements for influence and maximum impact.

4. Versatility

A great logo design should be well balanced and readable at any size and across various channels. This is important because the size your logo is now, it could one day be as large as billboard or as small as a micro chip. Will your logo be effective and clear on a white background instead of black or in a single color? An experienced logo designer considers these factors and plan ahead.

Your Logo is not Your Brand

Logo design is not the same as branding. They are two completely separate things. Redesigning your logo or new logo involves time, investment and revisions. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. Whilst your logo is not your brand, it must align with your brand.

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Make Sure the Investment is Worth It

Your logo is one the most important elements of your overall brand and should be treated as such. It’s worth the research, time and money that is required for an effective, professional logo that resonates with your target audience to ensure the best possible results.

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