The Main Differences Between Google+ and Facebook

There are huge differences between Google+ and Facebook.

While keeping software updated to include new features and benefits and for a better user experience is necessary, Facebook seems to be updating its layout on a continual basis. Facebook’s recent decision to change the business Page layout to look the same as a personal profile is a most undesirable update and one that has infuriated many big brands.

However, complaining to Facebook about changing Pages back to its previous layout is only going to detract you from your purpose for using that social platform – engaging with your customers. Instead, Google+ is a comparable social network to Facebook and its geared more towards businesses.

While Google+ has a way to go to beat Facebook, here are some main differences between a Google+ Brand Page and a Facebook Fan Page that you might find interesting:

#1 Google+ Has The +1 Button – Facebook Has The Like Button

The Google+ +1 button and the Facebook Like button both indicate people’s endorsement and encourage traffic. But, Google has one up on Facebook when it comes to searching for something. Let’s face it, Google is the top search engine used and people click into the +1 button more often than selecting a Facebook search result. A person’s search will be influenced by recommendations of their Google+ friends who have previously +1’d particular content in the search results. Working as a reference point where people can find and recommend the best stuff on the web to their friends, it takes word of mouth marketing to a whole new level.

#2 Google+ Has Contacts – Facebook Has Friends

Google+ and Facebook social networks both focus on connecting people, allowing them to share videos, links, pictures and other content. Google+ is a formal and professional platform that connects people with others who share similar business interests or the same interests. Google+ users are more tech-savvy and somewhat older than Facebook Fans. Facebook on the other hand concentrates more on connecting people with their friends and entertaining them with games and applications. The average age of a Facebook user is less than 30 years old.

#3 Google+ Has Circles – Facebook Has Lists

Google+ Circles and Facebook Lists both help people to organize into groups. Google+ Circles are separated into users and brands which enable them to share specific content with a specific group of people. This helps brands to share the right kind of information with the right people. Facebook Lists are only available to personal profiles.

#4 Google+ Has Hangouts – Facebook Has Fan-Gating

Google+ Hangouts enable brands to share their content with specific groups of people. Facebook allows Fan-Gating to limit exclusive content only to its Fans.

What are some of the differences you’ve noticed between Google+ and Facebook? Let us know below in the comment section.

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