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WordPress has evolved from just a simple blogging platform to the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world today. This CMS is the ideal platform for B2B website design projects, because the commanding software core is amplified by over 42,000 plugins that offer infinite options for cutting edge functionality and features.

WordPress is a robust system and we want to help you to use this strength to your advantage to maximize internet marketing efforts. Together we can create a B2B website design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

B2B Lead Generation | Envisager Studio

Lead Generation

Build high-converting landing pages easily with WordPress forms that take your visitors all the way from initial signup to purchase, product download and more. Customize your fields and options to effortlessly embed forms on landing pages focused around your keywords or target market.

Using advanced or premium plugins allows for additional WordPress form support such as gated content, conditional fields for better lead tracking that can be integrated into Google Analytics reporting.

B2B Marketing Automation | Envisager Studio

Marketing Automation

In addition to the challenge of a lengthy sales process that requires lead fostering over a period of several months, many B2B companies of all sizes are being inundated by data from multiple digital marketing channels and an increasing number of consumer devices. WordPress assists with this process smoothly with customer relationship management integration, lead capture, and email marketing.

In addition to assisting with your sales process, WordPress handles connecting your WordPress website to third-party marketing software solutions such as Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, or MailChimp with ease.

Content Management System | Envisager Studio

Content Management System

Some of the best websites today are powered by WordPress. An easy to use content management system, WordPress was designed as a user-friendly platform so that real world users can produce and update content in an intelligible, native dashboard on a daily basis. This gives organizations unrestricted access to change their website’s content as frequent as they want.

Our B2B website design projects include one on one training and in dashboard walkthroughs. We want to help you get the most out of your brand new site and to enjoy WordPress as much as we do.

B2B Mobile Responsive Website Design | Envisager Studio

Mobile Responsive

WordPress adheres to Google’s recommendations for B2B website design by offering a mobile responsive website that automatically adapts to mobile devices; in particularly smartphones and tablets.

This means businesses need only to invest in and maintain one web presence. This not only saves on the initial website design cost, but on future maintenance costs as well.

WordPress CMS Software | Envisager Studio

Return On Investment

Regardless of the CMS software you decide to use, designing and developing a B2B website can be an expensive project. WordPress provides an opportunity for an enhanced web presence without the excessive additional costs that are usually related to internal design and specialized resources.

Regular maintenance and minimal support needs makes WordPress’ total cost of ownership just a fraction of what it would be with other content management solutions.

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