Valley Gospel, LLC

Dawn Grier is a Christian events promoter who connected with our Envisager Studio team to build an events planning website design for her brand. In addition to planning events, Valley Gospel, LLC also promotes, produces and manages gospel music and ministry events for the Chattahoochee Valley. As such, Dawn wanted our team to emphasize the resources at her disposal that caters to all aspects of events promotion. The goal was clear, to properly document each service while maintaining a highly functional website.

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Events Planning Website Design by Envisager Studio
Events Planning Websites | Envisager Studio

About the project

At the core of the Valley Gospel brand is their dedication to planning, promoting and managing spectacular events. While meeting with Dawn, she made it clear that she wanted to focus on their event resources. In addition to a lively and professional events planning website design, the information also needed to be presented in an accessible and concise manner. With this in mind, Envisager Studio web design team began working to create an inviting, elegant and innovative web experience.

Logo + branding

The purpose of the Valley Gospel unique logo is to serve as an extension of its brand. Envisager Studio’s graphic team designed unique interlocking letters “V” and “G” to create a specular logo design. Letter “G” in the design is also known as Fibonacci style in the design world. Incorporating orange and pink gradients provides an energized color scheme that plays into the sense of liveliness that the owner wanted to establish for their events planning website design. Together, these elements support the organized and energetic nature of the brand.
Events Planning Logo Design | Envisager Studio
Events Planning Website Design by Envisager Studio

Events planning website design

Creating a responsive events planning website design was at the forefront of our minds while working with the people at Valley Gospel. The Envisager Studio design team created custom icons and crisp shapes in addition to using large fonts to establish a stylish, yet practical look. We also ensured that the details of the services are thorough and presented without obstructions. In short, the content is solid and direct.

As with all websites, clear messaging is crucial. For this reason, each service is informative and void of fluff, being respectful of readers’ time. And we did not overlook keyword integration which is incorporated into the content and does not distract from the pages’ information.

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