How To Make Money From Your Own Website

How To Make Money From Your Own Website | Envisager Studio
With robust shopping carts like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others, you can make money from your own website instead of using external sites. Whether you’re interested in providing informative content or selling products, there’s a way to earn money right on your own website.

But what if you’re not selling anything directly? In this case, you can monetize your work by creating sponsored posts or selling ad space. Continue reading to discover different ways to make from from your own website!

Digital Products

For small business owners and entrepreneurs with unique expertise, think about selling digital products like video tutorials, ebooks, and online courses. Content creators like artists, videographers, or photographers can also sell licenses to your digital assets in your ecommerce store.

Because there is no shipping or recurring expenses, digital profits have a low overhead. And this eliminates some of the hassle of running a business. But be sure to create a strong marketing strategy so that the right audience can find your products.

Banner Ads

If you are not selling a product or service, banner ads are a popular way to make money from your own website. This is particularly true if your website is popular with many visitors accessing its content. It’s real estate that’s valuable to marketers!

Banner ads are generally square or rectangular, and prominently featured between sections, or at the side, top or bottom of your website pages. There are a couple of ways to acquire banner ads. One, you can sell ad space directly to businesses you are associated with. Two, use Google Adsense display network and they will place the ads for you.

These ads can be either static or animated. The effectiveness of the ad and price you charge depends on a few factors. For example, the ad placement, relevance, design, overall appeal, and the size.

Make Money From Your Own Website Selling Physical Products

Even if you have a physical store, creating an online store where customers buy products is an essential part of starting a business. Envisager Studio specializes in building WordPress eCommerce websites for businesses of all sizes.

How To Monetize Your Own Website | Envisager Studio

You can start with just a few products or hundreds. Either way, our team ensures that your online store and products are SEO optimized, making them easy to find in search results.


Specialists in their field like visual artists, experienced web developers, etc., can create a portfolio website. Potential customers can view examples of your work and commission you for their projects.

Given that Envisager Studio specializes in WordPress website design and development, we can build your service website. Not only will it be modern and aesthetically pleasing, but also optimized for search engines.

Sponsored Posts

Generally speaking, sponsored posts involves your company collaborating with brands to promote their products or services. There are many formats for sponsored posts such as blog posts, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts.

Usually there is a call-to-action encouraging he viewers to subscribe to a channel, visit a website, or sign up for email content. Using your own website or social media channel, you can make money partnering with brands that your audience is likely to be interested in.

When it comes to creating sponsored content, transparency is extremely important. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict guidelines about disclosing all sponsored content. In essence, when visitors visit your site with sponsored content, you are required to let them know that you are being paid for the product/service recommendation.

Affiliate Marketing

A good way to monetize content that you create is to participate in an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing involves promoting other brands’ products or service on your own website. When your site visitors click on the affiliate link you posted and makes a purchase, you get paid a commission.

Many companies, including PayPal and Amazon offer their own affiliate programs. As such, as a website owner, you can simply copy and paste a link to promote a product. However, for Amazon’s affiliate program, after you create your associate account there, you should find links to Amazon products that you want to promote. Doing so beforehand makes it easier to insert into your post content to ensure you’re not promoting products that aren’t relevant to your content.

Also, Amazon’s affiliate program is a fairly lengthy process to setup properly. Additionally, you will also need to transparently disclose your relationship with Amazon to your site visitors when using Amazon links in your website’s content.

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How To Make Money From Your Own Website

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