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Responsive design is a web design technique used to ensure that your business is projecting its best image on a variety of different devices. As mobile usage continues to increase, a small business cannot ignore their mobile users. Whether a prospective client is visiting your website on a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet, it’s essential that a small business website design responds to that specific device.




The purpose of a responsive design is to ensure your website provides an optimal user experience for viewing your website across a wide range of modern devices from desktop computers to laptops, smartphones and tablets.

No longer is a computer the only way people access websites. To ensure easy navigation and readability of content, a responsive website design from Envisager Studio adapts the website layout to the size of the viewer’s screen. Older website designs can sometimes be upgraded to be responsive while some websites need to be completely rebuilt.

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Responsive design has become the mainstay of modern web design and will continue to grow in its popularity. As a result of this, it is very important to ensure that business website is able to adapt to various screen sizes across devices.

From an SEO perspective, Google strongly recommends a responsive design. This allows Google to crawl and index content for one single site versus multiple sites. Another SEO benefit to responsive design is that your business can focus all your SEO efforts more efficiently on one single site rather than having to maintain rankings for desktop and mobile.

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