Medical Aesthetics Website Design


Medical Aesthetics Website Design

Wake Health Medical Group Raleigh

Wake Health Medical Group

At Wake Health Medical Group in Raleigh, NC, we believe that healthy skin is your best defense against skin disease and the effects of the environment and lifestyle on your skin.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are able to maintain the integrity of your skin and even reverse the effects of aging and the environment, enabling you to look and feel your very best. New developments in cosmetic dermatology allow us to provide you with various options to maintain your skin and appearance.

For his new website, Raleigh medical spa director Dr. Henry N. Pleasant at Wake Health Medical Group sought to highlight his commitment to providing quality patient care through the latest techniques and acne treatment procedures. The site combines a content-rich foundation of extensive procedural information with user-friendly, yet involved design, to express his focus on experienced, personalized, and ethical “acne skin care”. By utilizing the latest in medical website design techniques such as a layered before-and-after gallery, Dr. Pleasant can present his expertise in a refined way that is comforting to his patients of his aesthetic abilities and credibility as a valuable resource for whatever their skin care needs may be. Our team of designers intentionally crafted Dr. Pleasant’s website with his patients in mind so that every detail is adapted to offering a positive online experience.

Launch Date: June 2015
Page Count: 46
Industry: Medical
Target Market: B2C
Services Overview: Responsive Website Design, SEO, Blog, Custom Content, Photo & Video Galleries, Marketing
Location: Raleigh, NC