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VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply

VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply Store offers an abundance of high quality and affordable hair, makeup, and beauty products. You will find incredible deals on hair extensions, hair care products, and makeup in their Lancaster beauty supply store.

Whether your hair is relaxed, braided, or natural, there are lots of black hair care products on the market and it’s difficult to know what’s best. VIP House Of Hair Beauty Supply hair care experts partnered with Envisager Studio Website Design Agency to help tell their story in an informative and visually appealing website design. Their goal is to help individuals from all walks of life and ethnicities to learn how to choose the best hair products to properly care for their hair.

To see the final outcome, be sure to visit, then contact Envisager Studio today to take your online presence to the next level.

Launch Date: September 2017
Page Count: 27
Industry: Hair & Beauty
Target Market: B2B and B2C
Services Overview: Responsive Web Design, SEO, Lookbook, Appointment, Custom eCommerce, Custom Content
Location: Lancaster, California