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WordPress has continued to grow over the years and it looks nothing like was when the platform was built in 2003. One of the most significant changes is its evolution from just a blogging system to a full content management system that is supported by a large community of developers who have created more than 35,000 plugins to enhance the core functionality.

WordPress is a robust system and we want to help you to use this strength to your advantage to maximize internet marketing efforts. Together we can create a B2C website design that is both functioning and aesthetically pleasing.

User Experience | Envisager Studio

User Experience

WordPress provides the foundation to build a great user experience for B2C website design, giving your business the opportunity to tell your story to your target audience. Through interactive, engaging, and exciting design elements, you can communicate to visitors who you are and what you believe in as a brand.

Our B2C website design projects include one-on-one training and in dashboard walkthroughs. We want to help you tell your story so that it not only generates an emotive response, but also persuades your audience to take prompt action. We want to help you create a thorough depiction for your audience to consume so they can get a better understanding of what your business represents.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

There’s not much of a point to having a website if your intended audience or any audience for that matter can’t find it online. If your current website isn’t receiving the web traffic your business needs, you may want to consider moving your content to WordPress.

At the core of WordPress lies a search engine friendly foundation that is enhanced by superior tools like the All In One SEO and Yoast SEO plugins.

WordPress B2C Website Social Media Engagement | Envisager Studio

Social Media Engagement

A WordPress website is an ideal medium for engaging with your consumers on social media. From user-friendly social sharing icons to automatic posting of content to social networks, WordPress makes it uncomplicated for you and your business to keep in front of your target market.

WordPress allows you to quickly integrate with popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram and offers you a chance to build a personality and identity around your business while interacting with customers on a number of different levels.

Mobile Responsive B2C | Envisager Studio

Mobile Responsive

Your B2C website design needs to maintain a consistent, professional, and enjoyable user experience across devices with different screen resolutions. Best practice for B2C website design is a mobile responsive website that automatically adapts to tablets and smartphones and functions in a way that provides your visitors the same simple navigation as if they were visiting from a desktop.

This means businesses need only to invest in and maintain one web presence. This not only saves on the initial cost, but on future maintenance costs as well.

Ecommerce WordPress Website Design | Envisager Studio

Ecommerce Capabilities

WordPress plugins are separate software programs that can be uploaded to enhance a website. These programs extend and expand the functionality of a WordPress website by adding robust features like ecommerce, membership management, and forums.

Ecommerce capability is essential to include in a B2C website design in order to lay the foundation for growing your brand online.

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