Marketing Funnel Explained in Simple Terms [Infographic]

Many marketers are confusing the marketing funnel, thinking it’s all about marketers when it’s really about the consumer. The “funnel” concept is about the buyer movement. The prospect either descends into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases or they exit the funnel when they lose interest. Just like the actual funnel, the journey starts at the top, with a certain number of customers going into the funnel. As the journey goes downward, only a few end up purchasing – which explains why the funnel is always wider at the top.

There will always be prospects that leave the funnel. Your mission is to ensure that a large number of prospects that enter your marketing funnel decrease the percentage of prospects that exit each stage of your funnel.

Curious about how a marketing funnel works? Come along as we discuss the basics of a marketing funnel in this infographic, and learn how your business can benefit from it.

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