Is Your Website Compatible With A Smartwatch?

Yes, the title is correct – is your website compatible with a Smartwatch? If you’re into wearable tech gear such as the smartwatch wristwatch, the most readily available and easily accessible product you can buy, aside from a fitness tracker, is a smartwatch. Early examples have already been released from big brands such as Samsung, Peebles, and Sony. Google’s Smartwatch and Apple’s iWatch are capturing headlines as well.

Having the ability of being worn right on the person, makes it even more convenient than a smartphone or tablet. You can quickly surf the Internet just as you would with any other mobile device. So, it’s not really a surprise that wearable technology has quickly risen to an $8 billion business, with a projection of $101.2 billion by year 2018.

So, what does all the new smart technology have to do with your business, product or service?

With the projected gush in the use of wearable technology, the option for businesses to have a website that is easily viewable in these types of devices is now more of a necessity to have a responsive and/or mobile-friendly website. Even smaller than any smartphone, the screen sizes for the various wearable technologies will definitely vary and your website should be able to automatically adjust to a user-friendly layout regardless the device’s dimensions that it is accessed from.

To ensure your website is prepared for the wearable technology revolution, contact Envisager Studio today.

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