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Ballin’ For Peace

Ballin' For Peace

Ballin’ For Peace

Ballin’ For Peace is a non-profit organization formed to provide positive recreational activities for youth and adults in the community. Our programs include workshops, educational grants, scholarships, employment opportunities, health care services and other programs for all ages.

We partner with various businesses and community organizations within the LA area, major cities in the U.S. and abroad to bring special activities to at risk kids and youth. These events have been a great success and received reviews from news stations (ABC and NBC) within the LA area, surrounding cities, and national and local publications.

With our new web design by Envisager Studio, Ballin’ For Peace hopes to generate more buzz to acquire the needed sponsorships and donations to help the organization to provide for programs and services to at-risk youths.

Launch Date: December 2014
Industry: Non-Profit
Target Market: B2C
Project Type: Website Design
Location: Los Angeles, CA