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Our WordPress enterprise solutions provide a rich and secure platform that offers redundancy and support modern software engineering best practices with the ability to deliver at scale for complex websites. Through clean code and logical structure, WordPress has become the ideal CMS for creating user-friendly, high-producing websites.

WordPress powers over 26% of the world’s websites and 59% of CMS driven websites indicates how quickly it has become the preferred CMS for businesses of all sizes.

Our corporate and enterprise website development projects can entail an comprehensive solution that includes plugin creation, strategy planning and usability, custom design and theme coding, and search engine optimization.

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WordPress for Enterprise Level

Rapid Deployment

WordPress content management platform allows enterprise customers to have website professionally built by a seasoned web development agency while still allowing internal staff to seamlessly update content and maintain global brand standards in the process.

From technology and publishing to entertainment and government, WordPress is notably becoming a popular CMS for enterprise-level users because it offers advanced functionality more speedily than developing a website in-house.

User Experience | Envisager Studio

Easy To Use

While WordPress has a simple interface that’s similar to most desktop publishing software, WordPress is a serious platform for serious content. WordPress includes built-in support for user roles and capabilities, login and registration systems. WordPress revisions saves and backups page and post content. It will store the last 25 pages or posts will allows you to revert to an earlier version if needed.

By using custom content types (custom post types) you can create different types of content beyond standard pages or posts. This allows for creating a richer experience so that almost any user can rapidly publish content in an easy to use and secure environment.

WordPress for Scalable Enterprise

Highly Scalable

During its early days WordPress was just a blogging platform. Now, over 10 years later, WordPress is a full content management system that is highly capable of handling corporate and enterprise solutions.

As your business needs grow, WordPress is highly scalable. With the right mixture of a proper hosting environment, clean code, and the correct server configuration, WordPress can smoothly handle heavy traffic and high data usage.

WordPress CMS Software | Envisager Studio

Cost Effective

It can be quite expensive to have a quality enterprise level website designed, developed and maintained. Whether you needing a large corporate site or micro site, WordPress is a cost effective platform for enterprise type organizations to build and maintained their website. WordPress provides flexibility and options for an enterprise web presence without the additional monthly cost to use the platform like some software platforms charge.

Enterprise and corporate site owners also have the flexibility to decide how much or how little support they require for website maintenance from their website design agency.

WordPress Advanced Functionality | Envisager Studio

Advanced Features & Functionality

There are literally thousands of plugins that extend WordPress capabilities, so the actual functionality is limitless for small business websites. Everything from complex galleries, social networks to ecommerce systems, WordPress has a directory of plugins to accommodate almost any project.

And if a solution doesn’t already exist, WordPress users can create custom plugins with access to the latest libraries, custom content types, application framework, and so much more.

WordPress Application Framework

WordPress As An Application Framework

WordPress is an amazingly versatile web application framework that can be used to develop seemingly unlimited types of applications. At its core, WordPress includes various features necessary to build an app; things like databases, translations, user management, and much, much more. And with the recent API (application programming interface) enhancements, WordPress is now considered to be a low cost platform for building applications.

With the features contained in custom content types, WordPress developers are able to create various content modules that add unique functionality and display. This is further fortified with the inbuilt use of filters, actions, and hooks. APIs are of great importance for the future advancement of WordPress because they allow WordPress to interact with software and share data outside of the platform.

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