Bishop Larry D. Trotter



Bishop Larry D. Trotter Bishop Larry D. Trotter was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in one of its most disreputable housing projects. His mother, the late Dorothy E. Trotter (the “joy” of his life), raised him and his three siblings as a single mother. Because of her guidance and prayers, Bishop Trotter accepted Christ at the early age of 12, and was baptized. In 1973, he was drawn toward a deeper relationship with Christ and received the fullness of the Holy Ghost. The following year, he accepted the Lord’s call to preach the Gospel, and adopted the motto, “Have Message, Will Preach.” During his teenage years, he was a sought after musician and minister of music. He organized many gospel choirs and also served as youth pastor in three Chicago area churches: Greater New Mount Eagle, New Faith, and House of Inspiration. In 1976, Bishop Trotter was licensed and ordained both by Baptist and Church of God in Christ leadership.

In 1981, Bishop Larry D. Trotter began to pastor The Sweet Holy Spirit Church. While the church had 22 members at the time his pastoral ministry began, it now has a resident membership of over 8,000 members. Moreover, countless men and women in the United States and throughout the world follow Bishop Trotter’s preaching, teaching, and music ministry. Having been the first pastor in the city of Chicago to launch the “one church in two locations” ministry model, Bishop Trotter is revered as a trailblazer and “gatekeeper” in his city. His cutting edge methods, moral standing, and community activism have earned him a seat on the Mayor’s Advisory Council, the Judicial Board of the First Municipality Court of Illinois, and most recently, an invitation to attend the Oxford Roundtable in England. He is also the religious editor for Gospel Today Magazine, the chairman of Clergy Speaks Interdenominational, and a board member of the African American College of Bishops.

Bishop Trotter’s unique blend of encouragement and deliverance preaching, in congruence with his perceptible teaching and healing gifts have afforded him the opportunity to minister in nearly all of the United States, and over 18 countries worldwide. He has preached to over 30,000 people in the New Orleans Superdome, and over 2 million people in Nigeria. He has also led mission’s trips to Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Greece, and India.

Bishop Larry D. Trotter’s educational endeavors have led him to pursue learning and coursework at The Moody Bible Institute, The Luther School of Theology, and The Southern Seminary. He is the recipient of several honorary degrees, including three honorary doctorates. As well, he has received numerous community, political, social, and theological awards and accolades. Unbeknownst to many, Bishop Trotter is also a certified chef, trained at The Chicago School of Culinary Arts.

Bishop Trotter’s unique heart for God’s people has prompted him to organize assistance for the people of Haiti, those devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and persons in his community in need of food and clothing. He organized the C.A.R.E. Center for outreach ministries to serve Chicagoans, and has also coordinated medical missions trips to assist with the AIDS epidemic in Africa—establishing three HIV/AIDS clinics there. It is not uncommon for Bishop Trotter to receive letters, e-mails, and other correspondences from men and women around the world documenting deliverance and encouragement they have received as a result of his preaching, teaching, and outreach ministries.

Bishop Trotter has five children: Laurice, Javon, Brandi, Larry II, and LaKheem. He covets the time they share together, and is deeply committed to their best interests and wellbeing.