Bishop M. B. Jefferson



Bishop M. B. JeffersonBishop Melvin B. Jefferson is the Presiding Prelate of World Assemblies International (W.A.F.I.) and founder of Deeper Life Christian Church and the House of David Help Centers of America. He is committed to his marriage with Co-Pastor Brenda Jefferson and is a devoted father.

Bishop Jefferson grew up in the Texas where he experienced the devastating control of alcohol and nicotine at the age of nine. He grew up knowing the effects of hunger, poverty and experienced a very harsh family life which drove him to the streets and a lifestyle of drugs, promiscuity and violence.

At the age of 25, Bishop Jefferson had an allergic reaction to a medication which caused his heart to enter cardiac arrest as he lay in the Dallas, Texas Hospital emergency room. Pronounced dead, Bishop Jefferson, in this state of arrest, experienced a fiery revelation which spiritually opened his eyes and gave him a testimony which would cause many to believe and turn to the Lord. It was during this life altering experience, Bishop Jefferson knew that his life had to change or he would end up in hell! When his heart began to flow again, he knew that things would never be the same.

Bishop Jefferson’s life changed and it was during this time that God birth within his spirit, a “Deeper Life”. For it was only through the transformation of his mind would he be able to rise above the traditional religion and enter into the “holiness” of God. He knew that the only way people were going to be delivered and set free from their addictions and sin, he had to teach and preach nothing but the “truth” with great plain-ness of speech.

God appointed Bishop Jefferson to relocate to Tampa, Florida where he established “Deeper Life Christian Church and the House of David Help Center”. He was called to work with people, in particularly, the “outcast”. Bishop Jefferson understood the calling and God’s anointing on his life prompted him to purchase adjacent properties utilized by the drug users and prostitutes, to begin his work teaching them the Bible and nurturing them back to a life in Christ.

It is through the teaching of “Book, Chapter and Verse” of the Holy Bible and spiritual guidance of Bishop and Pastor Jefferson, many have been delivered from their addictions and healed from all manners of sin and diseases. Presently, over 48 churches and House of David Help Centers have been established throughout the U. S. to residentially facilitate men & women, provide food/clothing and spiritual guidance in their walk with Christ. Many of the people, once drug bound and overwhelmed in sin have matured to become Pastors, economically affluent and continuously bringing in souls into the Kingdom of God.

Bishop M. B. Jefferson is a gifted author and teacher which have release over 25 books and recordings of some of the most powerful messages ever heard. His prophetic giftedness of handing on of hands has rekindled a fire in the faith of the believers that God is still working miracles today. Blinded eyes are being opened, the lame walking, dumb tongues are talking and people once bound by “crack” set free.

Bishop M.B. & Pastor Brenda Jefferson, in spite of the persecution and labeling by this world’s system, continues to go forth in victory and challenging each believer to walk in the newness life through Jesus Christ.